Shane (shanesmokedup) wrote,


OH MAN. Most boring Friday of my life.

I talked people into getting LJ's (since according to Aubrey, I'm the spokeman for LJ). Talked with Mike. Talked with Cassie. Talked with D.

It's all good, I have a date tonight with some super hot chick I met at Shred Central on Tuesday. I went with Mike to just chill and skate... this chick was amazingly hot. And an amazingly good skater. I LOVE SKATER CHICKS. So so so so much. I wanted to... uh. Yeah, right then. It was super hot, cuz she came up to me and complimented me on a rail kiss I did. Ohhhh she knew her stuff.

So I'm picking her up in a few hours and we're gonna go grab a bite and go to some ice skating rink downtown or somethin. Apparently there's some neighbourhood hockey game she wants to check out. Or play in? I dunno, she seems really crazy like that. We'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow... Mike's comin with me to some party cuz we have to get his ass out of his Lifetime Movie watching thing. Uh, yeah.


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