Shane (shanesmokedup) wrote,


So, me and Mike were talking before, and we decided we should get these funky LJ things. I knew about them before, cuz they're really popular.

These days, I've been pretty bored, honestly. I haven't hung out with anyone lately, wtf is up with that?

I can't wait til next week, cuz that means we go back to work. Which means I have something to do, which means I won't be bored. This week, I got a few dates with a few chicks. I'll prolly smoke up with Brent, Ariel and the guys this weekend. Go to some parties. I'll read over the script when I get it in a few days. I can't wait, I hear it's gonna be really good.

And uh, that's all for now? I didn't sleep last night... stayed online all night. Yay insomnia. Only not. So yes, going to sleep now. Even though it's almost 5 pm.


PS: AIM me at shane smoked up.
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Parties? Where are these parties and why haven't you told me about them?
Reeeeeeeeeeeeelax man. I just found out today. Man, you need to get out.
Man you need to keep me in the loop.
You are in the loop. Well, now you are.
Give it up for the insomniacs.
>>Insert the automated applause here<<
You haven't read the script either? At least I'm not the only one.
Nah, which probably isnt good because I have a lot of lines. Supposedly.
I think they just tell us that so we'll want to get started reading it early.
Probably, but I'm screwed if I actually do have a lot of lines then.
isnomniacs rock. of course my insomnia is my own fault. I should hav ea starbucks IV put in.


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